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About me

I was born and raised in southern NH and I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from Plymouth State College.  

After receiving my college degree I left the art scene to seek a full time job and pursue my life long interest in horseback riding.  After a long abscence from the arts  I have developed a renewed interest in my early love of photography.


I came to realize that I have a passion for capturing sports photography while photographing my daughter and her fellow teammates during their equestrian events.  Being able to capture their moments of success and documenting their athletic endeavors has been both exciting and very gratifying.  


In addition to sports related photography I also love landscape and nature photography and capturing wildlife and the beautiful scenes of the land around us.  I have recently also begun to include some portrait photography as well and hope to grow more experience in this venue.


I am new on the photography scene and I look forward to capturing many exciting images and creating lasting memories of athletes' hard work and perseverance. 

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